KidsOp Wizard Things


mp3 files


These mp3 files are listed by page numbers in the piano vocal score (the one the singers are using.

They play the piano line + the vocal line (on piano), for you to rehearse with.

In most browsers, double clicking on the Page # below will give you a choice of 'open' or 'save', so you can either play the file there and then or save it to your computer.

However, to simply download and save to your computer, right click on the page number and chose "save target as", or "save as".

Mayor, Councillors Page 4 I am the Mayor
Mayor, Councillors Page 13 We don't want the likes of you
Mayor, Councillors Page 24 You've got to move on
Mayor, Councillors, demanding Page 27 Hey, Mister, when do we get...
Mayor, Councillors (at very end), demanding Page 33 So, Mister, what do you have to say
Mayor, Councillors, demanding Page 41 Hush, Hush
nice kids Page 44 There are no manners in this town (Nice Kids)
nice kids Page 47 There are no manners in this town
nice kids Page 52 Don't interrupt when I'm talking
Mayor, Councillors, brats Page 63 This is a perfect little place
brats Page 68 We are the Brats
brats Page 70 You think you've got...
brats Page 71 Were going to bang upon the drum...
brats Page 75 The Brats are here
Wizard Page 80 The Wizard's Song - tango
Mayor, Councillors Page 87 Take the children far away
Mayor, Councillors Page 90 For we won't take a wizard's name...
Mayor, all children Page 101 Finale