The other ChildNet winners

We had lots of opportunities to talk with the other ChildNet winners. In our category there were two Egyptian women who had created a web site about Egypt, and got it out among the poorer children in their country, and a very nice couple from Missouri, USA, whose project creates real and virtual botanical gardens - we plan to keep in touch with them (they have lots of ideas for us), and they’re hoping to come and see the production in Banff. Then, amongst many others, there was a teacher from North Wales, whose daughter Emma quickly became good friends with Claire, a whole group of High School kids from Victoria, Australia, and a woman from Ireland who has introduced the Internet to children and adults to an area on the West coast of Ireland where unemployment is 90%. Then there was a kindergarten teacher from Honolulu, who teaches at a very large private school, where almost all his kindergarten pupils have their own computers and Internet connections at home! You'll find links to all the prize-winners web sites when you get to the end of this story - do explore, they're wonderful!




the kids at the ChildNet Awards

The children who came to the ChildNet awards...

 all the ChildNet Award winners

...together with all the adults! Our hotel was just to the right of this photo

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