Elanora Heights Primary School

The main ChildNet events were a visit to Elanora Heights Primary School, and the actual awards ceremony itself. Elanora Heights is an elementary school on the coast to the north of Sydney, near Manley, which is a major seaside resort, and we got there by ferry and coach. The school had set up computers so that each of the prize winners (there were ten groups in all) could see each other’s web sites. There were some of the children there - all in uniforms - and some of the teachers. The school grounds were really tropical (it was about 28C, and really, really humid), and quite extensive, with a red and green parrot flying around and squawking at a white cockatoo, and parakeets dashing from tree to tree, and huge bugs and equally large butterflies. Janice had a really good meeting with the Grade 2 teacher, who had been teaching there for 37 years, and their Grade 2s are going to do e-mail exchanges with Janice’s Norwood Grade 2 class.

Looking at the web sites at Elanora

We all got a chance to see each other's web sites, to meet the children and the staff, and have a good Aussie b-b-cue.



the speeches at Elanora

The ceremonies at Elanor Heights

Janice Tole at Elanora  Claire and Emma at Elanora

Janice Tole and Claire and her friend Emma at Elanora 






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