The Aquarium, the Zoo, and the Queen Victoria Building

The highlights of the our sightseeing were the Sydney Aquarium, the zoo, and (for Janice and Claire, at least!) the Queen Victoria Building.

The Aquarium has a section where you walk through a long glass tunnel, with 6 foot long sharks and rays swimming not just alongside you, but over your head as well, so you are looking up at their teeth and jaws. Awesome! The zoo is on the other side of the inlet from the Opera House, so you can look out over the giraffes' heads and see the famous view. But most of it is devoted to Australian animals, many of which are in enclosures so open that we wondered that the animals didn’t get out. We saw monitor lizards (gigantic!) and duck-billed platypuses, echidnas sleeping down little burrows and red pandas sleeping 50 feet up in the tops of trees, Tasmanian devils (looking like little pigs) and Australian seals. Claire had her photograph taken with a koala, and patted a kangaroo.

We were told that we had to see the Queen Victoria Building, a large 19-century building which used to be a market, and has recently been restored. So we took the monorail (travelling at second-storey height) to it. They hadn’t told us it was an up-scale mall! Janice and Claire loved it, and the building was indeed very attractive.


the zoo

looking from the zoo across the water to the city


A koala at the zoo

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