Sydney the water city


But what we did manage to see was really interesting. None of us realised before we went that Sydney is such a water city (we knew about the harbour and the famous Sydney Harbour Bridge, but that was about it). The city is strung along a long inlet of the sea, with other inlets branching off it, a bit like a fjord. You can get most places by ferry - a wonderful way to travel - or by water-taxi.

Our hotel, which was excellent, quiet, and with the most friendly and professional staff, was in the most famous area of all, right on the harbour. Claire’s room looked out over a row of warehouses (now museums and galleries), to where the great cruise liners tie up every couple of days - only about 300 yards from her window. Beyond the cruise liners, the famous sail-like shapes of the Sydney Opera House. And just four minutes walk from the hotel, the great arch of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.


The View

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Janice at the entrance to our hotel. More about the furry creature later!



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