We set off!

Janice Tole (she's the Musical Director of KidsOp), Mark Morris (he's our librettist and web master), and Claire Stewart (she's been a soloist in our Wetaskiwin productions of the first two operas) went off down-under on February 20th, to see the sights of Sydney, Australia, and to receive an award. They were just gone for a week, leaving on the Saturday, travelling for 22 hours, and back on the following Saturday.

The reason they went were the Cable and Wireless 1999 ChildNet Awards. These annual awards are given to projects that further the cause of children, connect children internationally, and use the Internet. Just right for KidsOp!

The trip was entirely paid for - flight and hotel - as part of the award - thanks to the very generous sponsorship of Cable and Wireless, who should be proud of their involvement. ChildNet (and us) were also hoping that our composer, Mervyn Burtch, might go too, but he decided that, in his busy schedule, such a long journey for such a short space of time would be too tiring, so it was just us Canadians representing KidsOp.

He should have come, for we had a wonderful time, and the trip wasn’t that exhausting. About half our time was spent on meetings and outings arranged by the ChildNet organization, and about half the time we had to ourselves to see the city and sights - which wasn’t a lot of time, as Sydney is a huge city (5 million people) with lots to see and do.

bridge2.jpg (35759 bytes)

the view from just above our hotel

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