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Schools Proms

The School's Proms are an annual event held in the Royal Albert Hall, London, one of Europe's major concert venues.

The idea is based on the famous Promenade Concerts, held in the summer at the Albert Hall. The seats at the centre of the Hall are removed so that there is a floor space, and you can buy a ticket to be a 'Promenader' and stand in this central section for the concerts. The Promenaders are often very knowledgeable musically, always enthusiastic, and sometimes very noisy!

The Children's Proms last three days, and involve performances by schools and youth music groups from all over Britain, ranging from orchestras and bands to choirs, percussion groups and dancers.

The concerts are organized by an organization called Music for Youth, who celebrated their 25th Anniversary in 1999.

They do wonderful work encouraging music, and you can read more about them at their web site - click on the button on the right.

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Music for Youth